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Linking Policy

When linking to this web site you should always use the following source code:

If you don't have access to the source code of your webpage, please structure the link as follows:

Linking to this web site by any other means is strictly prohibited.

We may, without prior notification, occasionally update the URL structure of this web site. However, unless otherwise agreed, inbound links should always point to http://www.hypnotic-world.co.uk

When linking to this web site [or any other website] under no circumstances are you allowed to use our web site logo(s) without our expressed written consent.

The use of inline linking techniques, or any similar technology, is prohibited when linking to this web site.

Under no circumstances are you allowed to frame the content of this web site.

As webmaster, or other person responsible for the content of a website on which a link to this web site appears, you will, at our request, immediately remove the said link.

Hypnotic-World.co.uk reserves the right to refuse, or to terminate any link found to be violating this Linking Policy. We will be the sole arbiter as to what constitutes a violation of this Linking Policy.

If you'd like us to remove a link that is included in this web site, please contact us. All requests will be carefully considered. However, please be advised that unless you have a legal right to demand the removal of such a link, we reserve the right to decline your request, or to make a charge for its removal.

To submit a link for inclusion in our links directory, to suggest a new links category, or for information relating to copyright or terms of use or disclaimer, please visit the relevant page.

Changes to our linking policy

If we change our linking policy, we will update the modification date.

Latest modification date for this page shown on Sitemap.

If there are questions regarding our linking policy please contact us at:

Web site - http://www.Hypnotic-World.co.uk

Email - support

Our grateful thanks to SEQ Legal for their assistance in the creation of this page.

©Copyright Hypnotic-World.co.uk, 2018.

Hypnosis Downloads banner advertisement
Hypnosis Downloads banner advertisement